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STELESCOPE 70 Telescope

Observing Made Simple

Looking to familiarize yourself with the sky? A simple pair of binoculars is already a great way to begin your stargazing adventures. However, if you would like to examine the Moon’s surface details, admire Saturn and its rings, or discover other wonders, you will need something more powerful. A telescope allows you to achieve the level of magnification and brightness required to see these celestial sights. However, be wary of purchasing a telescope from a superstore or random retailer website. Promises of high magnification at a low price may reveal to be a disappointment due to its poor optics and mechanics which lead to dark and blurry images, pointing difficulties, and vibrations.

It is best to purchase a high-quality telescope from an astronomy specialist. Stelvision’s 70 mm Altazimuth refractor telescope gives you the opportunity to simply and seriously begin your astronomy adventures. What is the STELESCOPE 70 telescope all about?:

  • Is it easy to use! This straightforward and user-friendly instrument can be used by children 9 years old and up, adolescents, and adults to simplify sky exploration and promote the joys of observation.
  • It is equipped with a large aperture of 70 mm, which exceeds the average aperture of 60 mm for beginner telescopes. The larger size makes images more detailed and brighter—and you won’t have to break the bank.
  • It incorporates quality optics suitable for astronomical endeavors (achromatic lens).
  • The mechanism is easy and accurate thanks to the Altazimuth mount. The telescope also comes with a practical red dot finder to make pointing targets simple.
  • It comes with two eyepieces, one with a magnification of 45 times for large, bright objects and one with a magnification of 100 times for more detailed views.
  • Stelvision offers a two-year warranty and directly imports all its equipment.
  • Stelvision support ensured. We provide a complete and easy-to-follow instruction manual and are available at any time by email to help you with any question you may have about your equipment or the wonders of the sky.

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What can I observe with this telescope?

You can see the Moon, Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its largest moons, star clusters, certain nebulae, galaxies, and comets with the STELESCOPE 70 telescope. Find many other observation suggestions on our website! Terrestrial observation is also possible (images are not inverted thanks to the telescope’s star diagonal).

Is a maximum magnification of 100x enough? I’ve seen other offers with magnifications of 300x…

Astronomy can be practiced with any kind of magnification, such as by the naked eye (magnification of 1x), with binoculars (magnification between 5x and 10x), or with a telescope (magnification between 30x and 300x, or even more!). High magnification is great to see small celestial and planetary details. However, higher magnification requires more accurate pointing and therefore makes the image more sensitive to vibrations (wind, mount instability, etc.) and degradation. As a result, the image is dark and blurry from atmospheric turbulence and diffraction limits, and optical imperfections are also amplified. The magnification must therefore be in proportion with the aperture, the quality of the telescope, and the degree of atmospheric turbulence. A maximum magnification of 100x matches well with a telescope like the STELESCOPE 70.

Can a child use this telescope?

This telescope can be used by children thanks to its simple design. However, please note that this is an actual optical instrument for those looking to seriously undertake astronomy and not a toy. We therefore recommend that users be at least 9 years old in order to truly take advantage of the telescope in total autonomy. Of course, younger children can still observe with the help of an adult.

Is this telescope suitable for teenagers and adults?

The STELESCOPE 70 telescope’s power ensures fantastic observations of the Moon, planets, and a few dozen deep sky objects (main star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies). Teens and adults alike can use and enjoy this instrument for many years.

Is it possible to observe in the city, or do I need to go to the countryside?

The STELESCOPE 70 telescope provides magnificent views of the Moon and brighter planets such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Light pollution will not prevent these celestial objects from being visible in the city. Just a visit to your balcony, and you are instantly on the Moon! However, if you are looking to explore celestial objects far-off in the deep sky, a pitch-black sky with the least amount of light pollution as possible is needed. The countryside is ideal, though you can also do your observing from the suburbs if you avoid brightly lit areas.

Is Stelvision an equipment manufacturer?

No, Stelvision is first and foremost a publisher and a point of reference for beginners discovering astronomy and looking to learn about how to observe the sky. Perhaps you know of us already thanks to the main features on our website filled with information and tools!

We have decided to offer equipment under our own brand as a means to encompass our all-around approach to astronomy. We are therefore proud to present you with the STELESCOPE range, equipment tested and selected by Stelvision to make serious astronomy easily achievable. This equipment is directly supplied by a manufacturer in Asia.

Technical Characteristics

Aperture 70 mm
Focal 900 mm
Mount Azimuth, manual motions
Warranty 2 years
Magnitude visual limit 11.2
Tube length 94.5 cm
Resolving power 1.7”
Accessories included 20 mm and 9 mm Kellner eyepieces, 31.75 mm, star diagonal (Amici prism); red dot finder
Magnifications with the supplied eyepieces 45 times and 100 times
Maximum magnification possible with other eyepieces purchased separately 140-150 times (with 6 mm eyepiece)
Optical Coatings Multi-layer
Tripod Steel tube aperture 31.75 mm, height adjustable
User Manual Downloadable (20 pages, pdf)
Total weight of the equipped telescope 5.0 kg
Package dimensions 98 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm

Recommended Accessories

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