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StelFlash Red Light Flashlight

The perfect partner for your sky map

The red beam is softer on the eyes and used in astronomy for its great ability to preserve night vision. Red lights keep your eyes adjusted to the dark and makes it possible to see a maximum of stars in the sky.

Slim and sleek, the Stelflash can be slipped anywhere, such as in your wallet or the protective pouch of your Stelvision 365 sky map!

Use this to light up your Stelvision 365 sky map or whatever else you might need during your celestial outings.

Environmental Info: Environmental Info: The light is emitted by LEDs that are powered by two sealed button cells. The batteries cannot be changed, but very low consumption of the LEDs ensures a long product lifetime of several years. This is based on flashlight illumination of a few minutes per night and calculates to approximately 20 hours in total.
Recycle the product by dropping it off at an electrical device collection point, or send it back to Stelvision!

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