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Map of the Moon

A new way to explore the Moon with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope

Presented in the form of a practical and robust folding leaflet, the Map of the Moon shows the seas, the main craters and reliefs as well as the six landing sites of the Apollo missions.
Within a single product, the map is offered in three different versions to meet all observation situations. On the cover, a first map corresponds to a view with the naked-eye or with binoculars. Inside the leaflet, a reversible card shows the aspect of the Moon when observed with an astronomical instrument: a right-left inverted view in the case of a refractor telescope viewing and a right-left/top-bottom inverted view when observed with a reflector telescope. Nine of the most spectacular lunar landscapes are also shown in more details. Finally, explanations on the Moon phases are given to help observers in the planning of their observations.

A valuable addition to a sky observer’s toolbox! A unique product, designed and produced in France by Stelvision. Shipping worlwide. 

30.3 x 22 x 0.2 cm, one 4 pages leaflet and one detachable card with a plastic cover |
ISBN: 978-2-9563417-6-5 | Stelvision publishing house | December 2019


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