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Map of the Moon

A new way to explore the Moon with the naked eye, binoculars, or a telescope

This map presents the Moon’s seas, major craters, and reliefs, as well as the six Apollo mission landing sites.
It offers three different viewing versions to respond to all observation situations:
1) The cover is for viewing with the naked-eye or binoculars.
2) A reversible card inside the leaflet depicts the Moon when observed with a refractor telescope (right-left inverted view).
3) The other side of the reversible card depicts the Moon when observed with a reflector telescope (right-left / top-bottom inverted view).
Nine of the most spectacular lunar landscapes are shown in more detail. Explanations of the Moon’s phases are also provided to help stargazers best plan out their observations.
This four-page booklet comes with a protective pouch. Bring it with you anywhere for your star-gazing adventures!

A valuable addition to any astronomer’s toolbox! This unique product was designed and produced by Stelvision.

30.3 x 22 x 0.2 cm | ISBN: 978-2-9563417-6-5 | Stelvision Publishing House | December 2019


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